Requirements For Travel To India

Whether you want to travel to India for leisure, business or medical purposes, you require a visa for entry into and exit from the country. This requirement is similar to the requirement for any foreign citizen wanting to enter the United States. However, the rules and regulations of getting a visa to India are quite different, and you need to first understand what you need to do to get a visa to the country.

Planning your visit to India

It is advisable to consult a visa agency specializing in obtaining a visa to India. Often such agencies also act as travel agencies and plan your entire trip whether you are visiting India for business, leisure or medical purposes. In fact, there are agencies which specialize in these various categories.

Business – the agencies that specialize in obtaining Indian visa for business purposes will also look after your accommodation and transport along with other facilities like conference hall and others.

Leisure – the agencies specializing in tourist visas will ensure that you can experience the best of the country. A tourist visa to India is usually valid for 2 months, and if you need to extend it, you have to take special permission from the ministry of home affairs. Your visa agent will be able to help you with this also

Medical – the agency in question will make help you to choose from among the best hospitals in India and also take care of your accommodation and other requirements pre and post treatment.

All said and done make sure that you know about all details regarding visa requirements when you visit not only India but any foreign country.