All About Getting A USA Visa

USA VisaA Visa is a form of permit issued by a country that allows foreigners to enter into the subject country. In the case of a USA Visa, the United States issues visas to many of the foreigners who wish to visit the country for various reasons. A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter into the United States must have an original visa stamp on their passport. A passport is the legal travel document issued by your home country for purposes of travel to other countries.

It is good to note that not all foreigners looking to gain entry into the U.S must obtain a visa. Some foreigners are allowed to enter the country if the meet the requirements of visa-free travel. A U.S Visa is therefore designated for citizens of foreign countries who do not meet the requirements of visa-free travel into the United States.

When in possession of a USA Visa, a foreigner can make their way to a point of entry such as an airport, land or sea border crossing. At these points, a foreigner must identify themselves to the Department of Homeland Security or DHS and the Customs and Border Patrol Unit (CBP) and further seek permission to enter the United States. However, having a U.S Visa does not guarantee or assure a foreigner of entry into the United States. All the permit does is show that a foreigner has received approval for travel into the country from a United States Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Officers of the Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Border Patrol are responsible for ensuring that unauthorized people do not get into the United States. All travelers seeking admission into the country must corporate with these officers for smooth processing of their travel documents. There are two types that can grant you entry into the United States. The two types of U.S Visas are distinguished by purpose of travel as well as duration of stay. Both visas are defined by the United States constitution and can only be issued by relevant authorities and officials.

Non-Immigrant Visas

These are visas issued to people seeking temporary stay in the United States. Temporary stay can be granted based on numerous reasons such as work, study or vacation.

Immigrant Visas

These are visas granted to people who are looking for permanent stay in the United States.…